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Highway Hangouts

Hells Kitchen - "A restaurant and bar catering to motorsports enthusiasts, where one could start the day with a good breakfast and end the day with a place to kick back, have a drink, relax and talk to his friends."

The Lookout Roadhouse - "Great ride, great food, great view, great people, lousy service."

Motorcycle Parts, Service, and Sales

74 Motorsports
601 Crane St
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530, (951) 245-5999

Motorcycle Rentals

Sport Bike Rental, Inc.
Rents high performance, late model Sport Bikes in Southern California.
45 Oldfield Rd Irvine, CA 92618
(866) 704-7368  

Cruise Ortega Highway Virtually

Take a cruise on virtual Ortega Highway by downloading the Google Pack and installing Google Earth. Under driving directions, go "San Juan Capistrano, CA" to "Lake Elisnore, CA" and press play.

Ortega Highway Cruise Map

This is an overview of the Ortega Highway between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano.

Ortega Highway Satellite Map Overview

Begin at the I5 Freeway in San Juan Capistrano, head east toward the hills (watch your speed!)Ortega Highway at San Juan Capistrano

The road is wider here and there is some cross traffic due to local businesses.

Ortega Highway at the Nurseries

After the passing lane and bridge, the road narrows and begins to twist.

Ortega Highway at the bridge and county line

The twisting continues up past the Candy Shop and all the way to a second passing lane.

Ortega Highway at the candy store

Just past the big curves and the seccond passing lane, you will near Hell's Kitchen.

Ortega Highway lookout at Lake Elsinore

From there, it is just about all down hill. Stop off at The Lookout for some great views of the lake!